Film Finance: The Common Problems Film finance and sourcing for new projects is a notoriously tough undertaking. Even seasoned producers can find that funding their ventures is difficult. Even more so for new, inexperienced moviemakers trying to get their films off the ground. Failing to carry out the right research and preparation, or not having a clear understanding of the financial aspects of the movie business can have catastrophic results for new and experienced producers alike. Newcomers to the field without experience or a track record may struggle to get started because they simply don’t have the right contacts. Anyone looking for film financing will stand a better chance of success if they find the right investment company and form a partnership with an experienced film financier from the outset. The changes in the global economy over recent years have forced many industries to explore alternative sources of film finance, not least in the case of the movie industry. Financing a film can be a massively expensive venture. Moreover, it is incredibly difficult to predict a film’s success, which will depend on a huge range of factors, from audience taste, the quality of the cast, and current market trends, to factors beyond filmmakers’ control, such as release dates and competition from other movies. Because of this uncertainty, some movie financiers have shied away from the movie industry as a source of investment. However, there are highly motivated investors out there, keen for new opportunities, and there are funding streams available for filmmakers. If only both parties knew where and how to look, there could be huge profits and a lot of fun to be had in the entertainment industry. Please checkout how it works for investors on Film Finance From The Movie Fund — Join Today! So why join The Movie Fund? Quite simply, because it gives your venture a far greater chance of success than going it alone. Whether you’re a moviemaker looking for film finance or an investor looking for a great investment opportunity, The Movie Fund has a rich pool of talent and expertise ready to help you. The company provides essential support, advice and start-up funds, acting as the perfect one stop shop for anyone wanting to get involved in the movie business. For filmmakers, the company can help you develop your production budget, and improve your chances of attracting the funding you need, by providing access to invaluable resources. See more here: For the individual investors or investment companies, we offer security, expert advice, and access to a rich network of experts. See more here: You’ll have the opportunity to involve yourself in your film’s production, or even appear in the films you invest in, but above all, you’ll have a far greater chance of receiving a healthy return on investment. We understand this may represent a significant investment for you, so we encourage you to raise all the questions you need to in order to understand the many benefits of using a service like ours. You can email us at or complete the online form on our website in order to obtain any further information about how the process works. In conclusion, The Movie Fund brings together talented individuals and people with excellent business and financial expertise, giving your project a real chance of success. For all your film finance needs, join us today by visiting Products and services offered by MovieFund include: movie shares, movie investments, film finance, film funding, equity funding, crowdfunding, film production, movie funds, film scripts, movie trailers, packaged movie properties, I.P. and entertainment content, book and movie rights, film services, angel investors, investment companies, independent film finance, movie studio and big budget movies, genre movies, project creation and finance, movie rewards and perks, walk-on and speaking roles, producer and director databases, film distribution and film marketing. Investment Company Basics: I Need Funds For My Movie Investment company — this is a term you have probably come across while trying to work out your next steps when investing your finances. Where do I even begin? What are the risks? How do I do it? Relax. We are here to take you through it. Let’s start from the top though. What is such a company? Well, it is usually some sort of trust or corporation that invests the pooled capital, i.e. assets such as money, of investors in financial securities, i.e. shares or bonds. They can either be publicly owned or privately owned. These investment companies will manage, market, and sell funds to the public to gain investors. For these investors, there is a comfort in knowing that the company will be able to offer them a lot of feedback on their investment — such as record keeping, portfolio managing, and also the very crucial realms of custodial, legal, accounting, and tax management. For the investors, there is the benefit of greater security when they invest, with less hassle, as the company deals with many aspects of the investment. For someone producing or making a film, it means that you deal with the company, sometimes known as a movie fund company or a film fund sponsor, and the company tries to find you investors who are willing to back your project — in this case, a movie. So that’s your 101 on investment companies. Now, what about your movie? How can The Movie Fund help you? For the individual investors or investment companies, we offer security, expert advice and access to a rich network of experts. See more here: **** Film Finance Inc.: How Do You Do It? The film industry, like every industry, evolves over time. While some of the film industry is still resistant to structural changes in the way that Film Finance Inc. works, the effect of the global recession has meant that the film industry has had to explore new forms of structured film financing to keep abreast with the volatile movie market. But one thing has always remained certain — you have to have a plan, not just a great idea. The first step is to try and build up some soft money (e.g. money from your pocket or from friends and family). Having as much money without any legal strings attached gives you a solid base to your financial plan. Film finance can be tough, even for veterans of the industry, so you need to back up your strong ideas with a well-packaged and well-measured plan that has commercial potential. It’s not all about winning an Oscar. Your first movie is like a calling card. But there is hope. The director of Jurassic World, one of the highest grossing opening weekends of all time, was a filmmaker with just one film under his belt. Newcomers have to be realistic, as budgets that aim too high lead to premature, even false claims that will not impress your investors. You need to be upfront, so by being upfront with the cash you bring to the table, you’re already showing potential investors that you are financially invested in the project too. This can be helped by working with someone with experience in the movie industry — a guardian angel, such as an experienced film producer or entertainment lawyer. They can help you get your creative pitch right, but, more importantly, they can keep your feet on the ground. Fictionalized Film Finances: How Does Hollywood Depict It? There have actually been a number of movies made about film finances and finance in general since the global recession, which shows just how much the entertainment industry has changed over the years, leading more and more people to assess their options carefully when choosing an investment company. Arguably, some of the best movies that have been created about finance include the likes of Arbitrage, Margin Call, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, The Company Men, and Up in the Air. Up in the Air actually takes a look at the impact on corporate culture after the global recession, as well as giving us a unique look at road warriors, i.e. those who spent more time living in hotels than their own home as they travel around the world. A life in the movies can often result in this. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps looks at the lives of the ultra-rich and the top traders, as Gordon Gekko attempts to re-build his lost empire. Arbitrage also explores the elite hedge fund management world. It remains to be seen as to whether Hollywood will delve into films and finances and hedge funds once more. But, one thing is for sure — whether it is trading on Wall Street or film finances — you have to start somewhere. You need a plan and you need to accumulate funds in the right way if you are to take steps forward and achieve your goal. See more here on Film Finances: